Episode 12 - We talk about the new Macbook, Disney Plus just launched, Instagram posts, Apple and new Iphones, Some discussion on The Irishman coming to Netflix soon and its director Martin Scorsese. Also Bob is taking a new supplement to help build muscle, but his Mom is worried about it. We yell at each other over possible side effects, and then we just keep yelling at each other. We were pretty #Firedup

Episode 11 - We start of talking about our almost finished website(coming soon), which reminds us how much we do not like the website Fiverr. That leads to us talking about all these big company apologists out there, whether its Apple or Google, people defend them to death. Austin ends the show by dropping a bomb about suddenly being vegetarian.

Episode 10 - Its an all Halloween episode. We discuss Halloween as a kid versus as an adult, Halloween themed weddings, Are kids afraid of Bob?, Scary movies, wearing Halloween costumes leads to adults who Cosplay?

Episode 9 - Bob talks about a surprise birthday request from his girlfriend. Stubhub tried to ruin plans to go see Tom Brady and the Patriots. Are we supposed to care about Data Breaches? Why does the Olympics have such a short shelf life in the news cycle? 

Episode 8 - The 2 of us are only 6 years apart, but sometimes it feels like we are from different generations. We talk about old school vs millennials(Bob doesn't realize he is one), Adapting to new technology, Introduction of another new segment, Discuss Jared Goff and Jameis Winston

Episode 7 - We talk about what it takes for a topic to be trending on Twitter. Also is Twitter creating a new fake mini-holiday everyday? International Octopus Day? Really? Playstation 5 details keep coming out. Will it be everything we want? Introduction of a new segment, half baked inventions/ideas. 

Episode 6 - Found another big omission from the comedian list, We argue over liking the Emmys, One of us just hates awards, some Game of Thrones talk, New segment that includes the phrase WTF. #Firedup

Episode 5 - All movie theater innovation is not good, we discuss a terrible new trend in theaters. Superheroes, remakes and sequels is that the only movies anymore? What happened to original ideas. Bob defends Tarantino and gangster movies. One of us hates good movies, and somehow has not seen Braveheart. #FiredUp

Episode 4 - Just came across a list in the Guardian called “Top 50 Comedians of the century”. We have some big problems with this list. We aren’t comedy experts but we act like we are discussing this list.

Episode 3 - New Iphone is coming out, we talk about the prices of new phones vs what you are actually paying for. Madden video games don’t need to come out every year. What is Gamestop even doing? Why is Hulu not trying to keep up with Netflix.

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